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Coca Cola Net Worth 2021: Revenue, Assets, Brands, Income

Coca Cola Net Worth is $230 Billion in 2021. Coca-Cola may be a very famous multinational beverage company of America. As you’ll conclude from its name, it’s made from Coca leaves and Kola nuts, which may be a great source of caffeine. They originally started making pills of soda for medicinal purpose, but later they began selling it in liquid form. because the popularity of the corporate increased, they started making it in carbonated drink form. John Stith Pemberton is that the founding father of the corporate . He founded the corporate within the late 19th century. Also, check

Initially it wasn’t that popular, but nowadays the corporate is one among the most important beverage company of the planet . the corporate is selling it’s product all round the world and it also sells sort of drinks now. They became tons versatile over the course of your time .

Latest News

Portugal’s star striker known for his outspoken and aggressive style, took a choice in anger and therefore the Coca-Cola Company lost $4 billion. The incident happened before the Portugal team’s Euro 2020 match against Hungary. The star striker removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from his front and therefore the company that made it.

Coca Cola Net Worth

Coca Cola may be a gigantic multi millionaire company which has its roots in every a part of the planet . the corporate has even sponsored a number of the most important tournaments and sports championships like, FIFA World Cup 2010, NASCAR, PGA tour, and lots of more. Coca Cola doesn’t only sells cola lately , but they also sells sort of drinks and juices. As an entire , Coca Cola has an estimate net worth of $230 billion.

Net Worth 2021                                           $230 Billion
Net Worth in Rupees                                   Rs. 17 Lakh Crore
Revenue US                                                 $85.97 billion (2020)
Operating income                                        US$32.67 billion (2020)
Net Income                                                  US$10.15 billion (2020)
Total Assets                                                  US$86.38 billion (2020
Total Equity                                                  US$18.98 billion (2019)
Founder                                                        Asa Griggs Candler
Number of Emplyees                                    91000+
Top Brands                                                    Coca–Cola.
Thums Up.
Aquarius Glucocharge.
Minute Maid Nutriforce Apple.
Minute Maid Vita Punch.
Founded Date:                                             29 January 1892, Atlanta, Georgia, us


Coca Cola came into existence within the late 19th century. the corporate was founded by John Stith Pemberton. He initially planned to use cola as a medicinal substance, which helps the digestion of food. it had been basically a soda. John Stith Pemberton created a syrup and after mixing it with water, the ultimate material was Coca-Cola. within the beginning, Coca Cola wasn’t that popular and not tons of individuals were impressed by it. Unfortunately, John Stith Pemberton died, but before his death, he had given the shares of his company to varied businessmen.

One of the businessman to whom he sold most of his shares was Asa G. Candler. Candler became the most man who lead the corporate to great heights. They started selling it in soda fountain outside Atlanta. the corporate was growing exponentially and to affect the stress of public, they decided to sell the beverage it’s bottles.

Joseph Biedenharn became the primary person to sell the primary unit of Coca Cola in bottles. They also acquired a bottler manufacturing right and shortly started their bottle manufacturing firm. because the popularity was skyrocketing, they started rolling bottles in various sizes and with very unique design.

In 1970, Coca Cola launched their first advertisement on television. After the successful introduction and beginning, the advertisements had given them big success.


Since its inception within the late 19th century, Coca Cola is one among the very best selling carbonated beverages drink the planet . It literally has no competitors within the market. After the success of the corporate , they started acquiring different companies under its name. They first bought the corporate named Minute Maid. The addition of Minute Maid was quite big success. the recognition and success increased significantly after its addition.

After few decades of debate and discussion, Coca-Cola finally decided to merge with the Indian beverage company, Thumbs Up. it’s massive success and nowadays is well, in India Thumbs Up is that the most successful beverage. They also bought a corporation named Barq’s. Barq’s may be a non-alcoholic beverage company.

The addition of Odwalla brand in Coca Cola was considered together of the most important deals. As they sell all kinds of beverages like, smoothies, fruit crush , bars, and lots of more. Coca Cola has also acquired few other drinks and tea manufacturing companies.

Awards and Achievement

Coca Cola is one among the most important companies of the planet . it’s the seventh raked company within the world, trailing behind a number of the multi millionaire company like, Apple, Microsoft, et al. . Coca Cola has won the industry Champion of the Year Award. it’s also won a gift for Corporate Excellence. watching the success and recognition , Coca Cola is massive . it had been also named because the most precious company in 2010 by Forbes.


As to conclude, we will say that Coca Cola may be a phenomenal company and it’s a fantastic popularity all round the world. From kids to adults, everyone wants to enjoy their evening with a glass of coke. the corporate is at its peak nowadays and there’s no stopping it.

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