Logistics solutions provider Ecom Express launches self sign-up portal ‘E-zippie’ for small businesses

ECOM Express logistics solution provider on August 2 announced the launch of the registration portal itself called ‘e-zippie’.

With this portal, the end-to-end logistics solution provider that is activated with leading technology aims to welcome micro entrepreneurs, small business owners, single owners and home prenees. This portal allows this entrepreneur to register quickly, easily, and safely for one-stop service for logistics services in less than 30 minutes.

In addition, ECOM Express also aims to simplify the process of onboarding customers with companies by increasing user experience and provide more flexibility in terms of service plans and price selection.

Self registration portal allows online business to register and start delivery orders instantly. It also utilizes fire banking verification and the latest identity to reduce the process and back-end manual documents.

“India has around 6.3 crore small and medium businesses and with a pandemic, the number of businesses increases every day. Logistics play an important role in this business growth, and we want to offer our digital capabilities and logistics to support them. With ‘e-zippie’ , we can track registration to less than 30 minutes by processing 10 to 12 days taken by most players on the market, “said CEO ECOM Express Ta Krishnan.

“Self-registration portal is a major milestone in our efforts to provide automatic and seamless experience for online business directly from onboarding to meet all their shipping requirements. We will continue to improve customer experience by making logistics simpler and more comfortable for small and comfortable. Micro business, By giving direct control on shipping and flexibility in managing the life cycle of sending end to end. Our aim is to help them expand their market access to 27000+ PIN codes, diversify their supply base, and strengthen their supply chains through ECOM Express, “added Krishnan.

ECOM Express claims that this cellular responsive portal where the seller can send requests to their comfort and which is then channeled directly to the right department that handles requests without manual intervention or locking information.

After the seller is onboard, they will get direct control of their shipment to manage distribution through sophisticated dashboards and customer support dedicated to getting real time status and closing on their delivery.

Gurugram-based logistics solution provider for the e-commerce industry estimates that the portal will increase around 100 percent more registration from sellers and online businesses.

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