Tata Motors share price dips as semiconductor shortage impacts

 Tata Motors share price dips as semiconductor shortage impacts production

Tata Motors The stock prices slipped at the beginning of the September 2nd trade after the company was forced to reduce its production due to a shortage of semiconductors.

“The semiconductor shortage continues to affect the automotive industry on a global scale. The latest Lockings in East Asia have aggravated the situation of the offer and the engines of Tata are therefore forced to Moderate production and overtaking volumes in the coming months, “said the company in his release.

“The situation is fluid and we will continue to work to mitigate the impact of this and aimed at meeting our customers’ orders through an agile and multi-component approach, including close closure with our partners. Prolonged supply chain, buying free market chipsets, using Alternate Chips and management of our model and Now Mix, “added society.

In August 2021, Tata Motors sold 57,995 vehicles on the national and international market, compared to 36,505 units in August 2020.

Its total commercial vehicle sales increased by 66% to 29,781 units compared to 17,889 units and sales of tourism vehicles increased from 51% to 28,018 units compared with 18,583 units, Yoy.

At 09:52, Tata Motors quoted 294.55 RS, down 0.65 Rs, or 0.22% on BSE.

The share covered a height of 52 weeks of 360.65 Rs and 52 weeks of 122.15 rupees on June 15, 2021 and 24 September 2020, respectively.

Currently, it negotiates 18.33% below its height of 52 weeks and 141.14% above its 52 weeks

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