Tweet Pokes Fun At Elon Musk Using Liz Truss’ Lettuce Joke .


Tweet Pokes Fun At Elon Musk Using Liz Truss' Lettuce Joke .

A poll by Elon Musk on whether he should quit as Twitter CEO showed the majority of users of the social media platform who took part voted in favour of the move after the poll ended on Monday. More than half of the 17.5 million respondents voted “yes” in answer to Musk’s Twitter poll.

While it isn’t clear if there would be a new leader for the social media platform, jokes and memes poking fun at Mr. Musk’s poll and his short stint at Twitter have flooded the platform.

One Twitter account drew a funny analogy between ex-UK PM Liz Truss’ Lettuce joke and Mr. Musk’s Twitter stint. The Twitter account posted the funny image, poking fun at the situation against the world-famous lettuce to see who will last longer.

In the image, the Lettuce was crowned as the winner, with Elon Musk in the second position, followed by Liz Truss in the third spot.The tweet was simply captioned, ”Who lasted the longest in 2022.”

Interestingly, the lettuce became a global caricature of the 47-year-old Conservative leader’s short-lived 45 days in office as British Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Mr. Musk had a 53-day run as ” Chief Twit”. If Mr Musk heeds the results, it would mark the end of 53 chaotic days at the helm, which has involved dismissing top executives and eliminating roughly half of its employees.

Notably, a British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star had asked via Twitter who would last longer – UK Prime Minister Liz Truss or the head of wet lettuce? The tabloid even set up a live feed and plopped up an unrefrigerated iceberg next to a photo of Ms. Truss. “Which wet lettuce will last longer?” it asked in a Twitter video post. Truss resigned six days later, and lettuce was declared the winner.

Coming back to Mr. Musk, the Twitter CEO was in Qatar to watch the World Cup final match between Argentina and France and tweeted out his poll after the game’s conclusion, Bloomberg reported. He also pledged to implement a vote for any major policy changes in the future, apologizing for not having done so before.

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